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Natural Lab Certified Pearls ( MOTI ) Fresh Water Pearl, Saltwater Pearl, Clam Pearl and Others. Buy Basra Pearl, Keshi Pearl, South Sea Pearl, Tahitian Pearl, Venezuela Pearl etc.

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We DeepSea Pearl Deals in 100% Natural Certified Pearls.

There are countless stores for you to fulfill your desires of owning a pearls gemstone but not every store will be able to provide you with the highest quality Certified Gemstones that we at DeepSea Pearl (A Brand of Salasar Ji Gems) promise to. We are one of the Top Business House in North India for offline Selling of Gems Stone and Market Leader in same, Exclusive Natural Pearls. Our business is built on the foundation of trust and we are fully committed to enchant you with the quality of pearls that we provide and give you a reason to visit us again.

Salasar Ji Gems (Brand Owner of DeepSea Pearl ) have been active for almost 25 years now and every ounce of experience and knowledge that we have gained over these years is used for providing you with a satisfactory purchase. We are fully dedicated and determined in ensuring that you are comfortable and pleased with our products. Along with the vast amounts of experience, we also have a lot of variety that ensures that everyone will be able to find something to their liking. We specialize in a great variety of Original pearl like Basra Pearl, Keshi Pearl, South Sea Pearl, Tahitian Pearl, Venezuela Pearl, Clam Pearl, Conch Pearl, Quahog Pearl, Cassis pearl, Pinna Pearl, Melo Pearl, Fresh Water Cultured Pearl, Fresh Water Keshi Pearl & South Sea Pearl Beads, Keshi Pearl Beads, Fresh Water Keshi Pearl Beads, South Sea Pearl Bracelet, Keshi Pearl Bracelet, Fresh Water Keshi Pearl Bracelet and Pearl Jewellery such as Pearl Ring, Pearl Necklace, Pearl Earrings, Pearl Pendant etc.